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Houston, TX: Ooh La La The Dessert Boutique

Houston, TX: Ooh La La The Dessert Boutique

Hey peeps!

It has definitely been a minute since I have posted anything!  Life has a way of hitting you in the face and then you look up and find a backlog of posts that you just haven't managed to finish...anyways...I'm back!!

What better way to get back into the groove than to talk about one of my favorite dessert spots in Houston!

Ooh La La Dessert Boutique

I mean, where do I start?! I have found so many good treats here.

I guess I should start with my warm up dessert. Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking...it is what I grab in order to hold me over until I get home (don't judge me). Hey, the way I see it is I have two choices: eat dessert or have road rage. I Choose Dessert!

Dark Chocolate Coconut Macaroon - Ooh La La The Dessert Boutique, Houston, TX

Dark Chocolate Coconut Macaroon - Ooh La La The Dessert Boutique, Houston, TX

These Dark Chocolate Coconut Macaroons are absolutely amazing.  I have tried other coconut macaroons from a chain restaurant that shall remain nameless, that I THOUGHT l liked but since I discovered these, I don't even give those a second look.  These Macaroons are simply a cluster of coconut and chocolate chips, dipped in dark chocolate.  The outer layer of coconut is slightly toasted, which adds a slight crunch to each bite.  I must say that the one thing that sends this treat over the top for me is a mystery flavor that I just cannot put my finger on! One day I will figure it out or just ask!


Now on to the main event....

I have a weakness for chocolate cake

...and my all-time favorite type is German Chocolate.

Usually, when I try German Chocolate cake from anywhere other than my kitchen, I am thoroughly disappointed.  I can't respect a so called "German Chocolate cake" with plain, ol semi-sweet chocolate icing...or one where the cake itself is dark chocolate...so the best way, to avoid the disappointment is to just stop trying...

But that would be no fun, now would it? 😀

German Chocolate Cupcake - Ooh La La The Dessert Boutique, Houston, TX

German Chocolate Cupcake - Ooh La La The Dessert Boutique, Houston, TX

One day I just happened to glance down to the bottom of the display case, and saw the German Chocolate cupcakes.  There were only 3 left on the tray so I figured SOMEONE must like them...the icing seemed to have all the usual suspects: coconut, pecans, and a thick custard consistency...

So, I thought, "Why not?"🤷🏽

The cake was light and fluffy, as German Chocolate cake should be, with a subtle sweetness that really allowed for the flavor of the chocolate to come through.  If I didn't know better, I would have thought the sweet, Pecan-Coconut icing was made in my kitchen!.  It was thick and full of pecans and coconut.  At one point, I found myself just eating the icing without the cake...

I am excited about this discovery because I can get by German Chocolate fix one cupcake at a time.  As I said, this is my favorite type of chocolate cake but it is very time consuming to make... 

Standing over the stove stirring the base of the icing until it firms...

Beating the egg whites until fluffy and folding it into the cake batter...

The way my life is set up...I don't have time to do all of that every time I want a piece of German Chocolate Cake

And the way my waistline is set up...I don't need a whole German Chocolate cake in my presence at ANY time 🤷🏽

This cupcake is the perfect alternative!  It was so good, I was inspired to try another one of my favorites...Carrot Cake.

Unfortunately, they do not offer Carrot Cake cupcakes, so I just HAVE to purchase an entire slice. 😀 If you read my previous post about the Carrot Cake from Baked in DC, you know that I can be really snobby when it comes to a good carrot cake.  Now, what sets this carrot cake apart is the middle layer of icing!  

Carrot Cake - Ooh La La The Dessert Boutique, Houston, TX

Carrot Cake - Ooh La La The Dessert Boutique, Houston, TX

I don't know what it is but that middle layer of icing is noticeably more light and fluffy than the top and side layer.  It reminds me more of cheesecake than icing..but I don't mind - I am HERE FOR IT!

The cake was moist and full of carrots and nuts, with just the right amount of spices.  I must warn you that each slice is HUGE and SHOULD be shared, but let me be honest...I don't share it...and I have no plans of EVER sharing it...But I do make sure that I get in a good workout on the day that I eat a slice.  I think I usually manage to burn off approximately 1/8 of the calories. That's better than nothing! 🤣🤣🤣

I will say that on my last carrot cake run, I think I found a small piece of pineapple in the cake...which would usually make me turn my nose up, but since it was hidden so well and I had never TASTED the pineapple, I will let it pass 😀

Ooh La La offers so many different types of desserts that I haven't even put a small dent into tasting them all.  I encourage you all to give them a try if you are ever in Houston/Katy, Tx!

Have any of you tried Ooh La La?  What is your favorite dessert?


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