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Washington D.C.: Baked & Wired; Pitango Gelato

Washington D.C.: Baked & Wired; Pitango Gelato

My first REAL trip to Washington D.C...I know, I know...How did I manage to just now make it to Washington D.C? Well, somehow I missed the middle school trip and the last time I tried to go there, a storm was coming in that caused me to do a quick 10-hour turn around...However, I made it this time with high hopes of a great time!

DAY 1:

On my first day, it rained...all..day...which made it a perfect day for naps and movie theaters. I had a list of potential spots to hit and the Georgetown-based bakery, Baked & Wired just happen...okay, maybe I planned for it...to be around the corner.  It is a small-batch bakery and coffee shop.  

I always ask for recommendations from the staff, and one of the recommendation was the Carrot Cakecup.  Now, Carrot Cake can be tricky and the different recipe variations determine whether I will even give it a try.  

Does it have raisins? ...I'll pass...

Chunks of pineapple?...seriously?...

No cream cheese icing?...You get an F...

So, let's see how the Baked & Wired Carrot Cakecup measures up to my expectations.  The first thing I do is take it out of the wrapping.  You can tell ALOT by just looking at the texture and coloring of the cake itself.  I could tell they didn't skimp on the carrots (and try to fill in the flavor with a bunch of random spices...I digress) and pecans were included IN the cake!  The icing was whipped well, smooth but firm...but the real test, of course, is how it tastes.

Baked & Wired, Washington D.C.: Carrot Cupcake

Baked & Wired, Washington D.C.: Carrot Cupcake


With the first bite, I knew I found a winner!  So let me break it down into components.

The cake was perfect! One of the great things about a GOOD carrot cake is all of the various textures coming together - the crunch of the pecans and carrots, density of the cake, and smooth and creaminess of the icing. I believe that carrot cake can be difficult to keep moist but Baked & Wired did not struggle with that at all.

Now for the icing...I HATE when bakeries say they put cream cheese icing on their cakes but you taste more butter than cream cheese.  That was NOT the case here!  They didn't skimp on the cream cheese, and I must say that it kind of tastes like my recipe for Cream Cheese icing, LOL!

It is a very intimate setting and they have a few small seating sections in the back.  There was a small "wall of fame" (my name for it), in the back so I decided to add Travel, Treats & Treadmills :). If you decide to visit, let me know if our napkin is still there!

We arrived at just the right time because by the time we were leaving, the line was out the door and I definitely understand why!  I look forward to going back to D.C. to taste more of their goodies!


DAY 2:

No rain!!  Since we didn't get to explore the city on day one, we spent a lot of time doing touristy stuff like going to see the all the monuments and national sites.  The highlight of the day was by far the visit to the new National Museum of African American History & Culture.  An absolutely amazing AND overwhelming experience.  

In between all of the activity, we managed to stumble upon Pitango Gelato.  This was another spot where the line was out of the door!  If you love gelato and want to support a small business that uses organic ingredients and uses farms that practice sustainable farming, while offering a great product, you should check them out!  All of their gelato is made with milk from grass fed cows and free range eggs.

Pitango Gelato; Washington, D.C.; Chocolate Hazelnut and Almond Gelato

Pitango Gelato; Washington, D.C.; Chocolate Hazelnut and Almond Gelato


Have you ever eaten gelato or another other frozen treat and all you tasted was cold and ice?  Or if you did finally taste the flavor, you had to lick or bite into 20 times to get past the cold and ice?

That was NOT the case with Pitango.  

I found the gelato flavors to be true to their name and description.  The texture was light and creamy, which is what you want from a good gelato...and no ice chips!  After I finished tasting a few flavors with those little spoons that I love so much, the attendant asked me what flavorS I wanted.  Oh, I get to chose more than one??? You don't have to ask me twice!

I decided upon Chocolate Hazelnut, which is one of the most popular flavors, and Almond, which is one of the new additions.  The sign of a good gelato or ice cream for me is instant identification of the flavor.  I could have closed my eyes and identified that I was eating Chocolate Hazelnut and Almond. Definitely a winner in my book!

If you are a fan of Nutella, you definitely want to check out the Chocolate Hazelnut.  The Almond was distinct and light in flavor and was a great contrast with the Chocolate Hazelnut.  

Was the Baked & Wired Carrot Cakecup and Pitango Gelato worth the calories? ABSOLUTELY!  

Now, I will say I had absolutely NO guilt about eating dessert on back to back days because 1) I worked out both mornings, and 2) On Saturday, I was walking for over 12 hours.  I think I earned it :)






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