Hi! My name is Constance Mims and I am grateful to see you here at Travel, Treats & Treadmills! Join me in my quest to find the best desserts all around the world and staying healthy while doing it!

It Almost Didn't Happen...

It Almost Didn't Happen...

I first developed the idea of a dessert blog in 2011 when I started a job that required 80% travel.  I was a part of team that was always trying out the best restaurants in the city.  However, my plan to start a travel dessert blog came to a halt when I gained 15 pounds in two months.  If I couldn't manage regular meals, there was no way I could manage going to different bakeries too.  So, the idea was tabled...

Fast forward to 2017 - my friend and I went on a group travel trip to Cuba and I met Julia Coney of Julia Coney Lifestyle.  At dinner one night, I asked her how she became a full-time wine blogger.  She told me her story and I shared with her how I had an idea about a dessert blog.  She encouraged me to do it because of my OBVIOUS passion for a good dessert!  

Just a little bit of background - I have struggled with weight my entire life.  Part of that struggle was my love of sweets.  During the Lenten season, my church does a Daniel Fast. One of my prayers this year was that I wanted to break my emotional dependency on food (especially desserts) and depend on The Lord and work on developing a healthy temple (my body) for the Holy Spirit, so that I could be physically equipped for the future The Lord is preparing me for.  At the end of the Lenten Season, I was down 15 pounds and keeping it off through healthier eating and exercise.

After the trip, I couldn't get the idea out of my head!  So I prayed about it.  I was really hung up on how I could possibly do this well and still stay on a journey of creating and maintaining a healthy temple.  Planning trips around dessert? Sampling multiple desserts?  How can I do this and not drift back to a place I don't want to be?

Well, the morning AFTER I prayed, this was my morning devotional from Joseph Prince's Devotional plan in the Bible App: :

Day 250

Don’t Put Your Faith In Diets And Exercise

Psalm 118:8

"It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man."

A lot of people think that the way to get health is to watch what they eat. For example, many people say that the Mediterranean diet is a very healthy one. I agree, generally. But do you know that the people whom Jesus healed were also on a Mediterranean diet? They did not eat pork and prawns, for example, because they were Jews and these things are not kosher for them. 

I know that you want to walk in divine health. But God does not want your focus to be on food — what to eat, what not to eat — or even exercise — how to exercise, when to exercise. All these are natural means that the people of the world trust in. It is better to trust in the Lord and His finished work, than to put your confidence in the latest man-made diet plans and exercise regimes. 

At the cross, Jesus took your sicknesses and carried your pains, and by His stripes you were healed. (Isaiah 53:4–5) The Bible even tells us how to escape sickness and premature death — by discerning the Lord’s body when we partake of the Lord’s Supper. (1 Corinthians 11:29–30) But instead of focusing on these truths, many of us prefer to focus on dieting and exercising. 

Now, I am not against eating well or exercising. I myself exercise and I do watch what I eat. For example, I don’t like to eat oily stuff because it makes me feel uncomfortable. And when I have to preach, I do my best not to eat foods that make me burp! 

But I eat generally healthy stuff not because I trust dieting to make me healthy. I exercise not because I trust exercising to make me healthy. No, I trust the finished work of Christ to make me healthy. I eat well because I like to feel good and I exercise because I enjoy the rush, the sweat! 

God wants you to be free when it comes to eating and exercising. Don’t make laws for eating and exercising, and then trust these laws to give you “divine” health. Trust in the finished work of Christ. Discern His body when you partake of the Holy Communion. And just enjoy your food and workout! 

Thought For The Day

It is better to trust in the Lord and His finished work, than to put your confidence in the latest man-made diet plans and exercise regimes.


Really Jesus?  You are good with me starting a travel dessert blog?  You mean to tell me that this new lifestyle of cleaner eating is not what will bring me wholeness?    

I was completely floored and overwhelmed.  

I don't know how The Lord will get the glory from a blog about travel, dessert, and physical health...but I know that He will.  I look forward to the journey and excited that you will be joining me!



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