Hello, my name is Constance Mims.

I Love Treats...No, seriously I LOVE it!  

So, what do I mean by treats?  Cakes, pies, donuts, ice cream, shakes, pancakes (yes, it is a breakfast treat)...I love all of it!  The flavors, smells,  textures, composition, plating, and all components of a great treat intrigue me.  I really don't discriminate on where I will go to find these goodies.  Bakeries, food trucks, donut shops, street vendors, grocery stores, someones home...it really doesn't matter - if it is good dessert, I want to find it!

Although many of my finds are a result of my business travel, I have developed a new appreciation for cultural experiences and I can't wait to truly dive into the various treats that are unique to different parts of the USA and the world.

Now, this love of dessert doesn't naturally lend itself to maintaining a healthy body - it takes work.  I am in the beginning stages of finding balance so that I can enjoy the sweet treats and be healthy.

Travel, Treats & Treadmills will explore the balance of all of these things.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I will!